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On the Journey

Welcoming our first class of Spartek students in September was a great occasion. In the last two months, students have gotten acclimated to our Studio and each other. What Makes a Hero is this school year’s theme, and it is a question that our students will ask of themselves and others throughout the year. The […]

School Tours now Available!

Whether our learners would like to sit at a desk, stand, or lounge on a bean bag, we have created a space where our students can thrive! We’re getting close!! Just two short weeks ago, we received the keys to our new building. We have been feverishly unboxing furniture and supplies to set up our […]

No homework, no test, no stress

Dear Spartek Community, As we approach the start of the school year, we have talked with many families that want more for their child’s education. In those conversations, not one person has said they want their children to have more homework or prepare for more tests in school. However, the constant theme is that parents […]

Why did we start Spartek?

Dear Spartek Community, We started Spartek to offer a school where independent thinking, self-paced learning, Socratic discussions and real-world problem solving is the model. This is the type of education I wanted for my children, and yours too. We would love to hear about your family’s educational journey and how this type of school may […]

The Countdown has begun!

Greetings Spartek Community! We are counting down to our opening ceremony. Over the last several months, we have been preparing to open our doors this fall. A few of the things that we have been up to are: training with Acton’s co-founder, Jeff Sandefer; working towards private school certification with the Maryland Department of Education; […]